Water Management

RPMenviro offer a wide range of innovative and sustainable water management solutions to improve water quality and reduce or eliminate contaminated water discharge.

Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment is the process of removing contaminants to produce water suitable for a specific purpose.

There are regulations on the standard of water quality required for certain uses. RPMenviro works closely with our suppliers and commercial and household clients to provide sustainable solutions that treat water to the desired quality.

RPMenviro consult, supply, install, service and repair water treatment systems, and are North Queensland distributers for Vertex Hydropore - Advanced Water Treatment Equipment. RPMenviro also supply spare parts for pumps, filter cartridges, membranes, housings and replacement media, and are pump distributers for Davey, Orange and Pumpmaster.

Some water treatment systems we work with include:

Filtration Systems

  • Desalination plants
  • Reverse Osmosis (r/o plants)
  • Pre filtration
  • Ultra filtration
  • Micro filtration
  • Cartridge filters
  • Media filters/sand filters
  • Pool and spa filtration
  • Sanitation Systems

Disinfection Systems

  • UV systems
  • Automatic chlorine dosing
  • Ozone generators
  • Irrigation Field

    Irrigation Field

  • Irrigation Lines

    Irrigation Lines

  • Irrigation Valves

    Irrigation Valves

  • Laying Irrigation

    Laying Irrigation

  • Laying Pipes

    Laying Pipes

  • Laying Storage Trench

    Laying Storage Trench

  • Stormwater Harvesting

    Stormwater Harvesting

  • Subsurface Irrigation Line

    Subsurface Irrigation Line

  • Water Management

    Water Management


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