Water Management

RPMenviro offer a wide range of innovative and sustainable water management solutions to improve water quality and reduce or eliminate contaminated water discharge.

Vertical Gardens and Roof-top Gardens

Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens are the perfect way to leave your guests, neighbours and friends in a state of wide eyed awe. Create your very own unique lush, beautiful wall of plants, flowers, grass or herbs for your commercial property or as a jaw dropping feature in your home.

The vertical garden is limited only by your imagination. It has many applications, including:

  • External and internal walls of your home
  • A feature around the pool
  • Industrial car park walls
  • Kitchen restaurant's supply of freshly picked, easy to access herbs for cooking
  • Hotel foyers
  • Unit patios at Retirement Villages
  • City dwelling unit balconies
  • Office showrooms, boardrooms or entrance features
  • External and internal walls of commercial buildings

At RPMenviro, we can help you to design the best wall with suiutable plants for your location.

Roof-top Gardens

Roof-top Gardens provide protection from damaging UV light, can act as insulation from heat, cold and sound, is aethically pleasing, uses valuable space, adds value to property, and is a great way to create your little green oasis for work lunch times, parties and a handy source for your fresh vegetables and herbs for your commercial or domestic kitchen.

The possibilties are limitless.

  • Irrigation Field

    Irrigation Field

  • Irrigation Lines

    Irrigation Lines

  • Irrigation Valves

    Irrigation Valves

  • Laying Irrigation

    Laying Irrigation

  • Laying Pipes

    Laying Pipes

  • Laying Storage Trench

    Laying Storage Trench

  • Stormwater Harvesting

    Stormwater Harvesting

  • Subsurface Irrigation Line

    Subsurface Irrigation Line

  • Water Management

    Water Management


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