Water Management

RPMenviro offer a wide range of innovative and sustainable water management solutions to improve water quality and reduce or eliminate contaminated water discharge.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater for re-use. With advanced technologies now available, rainwater harvesting is becoming an increasingly popular method of accessing and using fresh waster for a variety of household and commercial purposes, such as irrigation or as a means of supplementing mains supply.

Most councils require all new homes to have rainwater tanks installed which feed back into toilets and irrigation. RPMenviro supply both above ground and the sort after underground* (and out-of-site) solutions to rainwater storage, along with a complete range of products to capture, filter, store, disperse and/or treat rainwater.

Rainwater harvesting systems are easy to understand, install and operate, and we work closely with all of our suppliers to be your one stop shop with the expertise and technology to help you in every way, from large commercial developments to small dwellings.

Some benefits of rainwater harvesting include:

  • Reduce mains water dependence
  • Keep grass and gardens green
  • Increase land value
  • Adhere to run-off regulations

*Underground Water Storage

The underground storage of water provides greater usable ground area and enhanced aethetic setting compared to traditional above ground tanks. The unique technology used by RPMenviro makes installations quicker, safer, easier, and cheaper then other below-ground round or oval concrete or plastic tanks. It is easier to create any shape and size tank required, with strong structural design and low maintenance.

  • Irrigation Field

    Irrigation Field

  • Irrigation Lines

    Irrigation Lines

  • Irrigation Valves

    Irrigation Valves

  • Laying Irrigation

    Laying Irrigation

  • Laying Pipes

    Laying Pipes

  • Laying Storage Trench

    Laying Storage Trench

  • Stormwater Harvesting

    Stormwater Harvesting

  • Subsurface Irrigation Line

    Subsurface Irrigation Line

  • Water Management

    Water Management


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