Wastewater Management

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The Process

Note: This is the process for the installation of a domestic sewerage treatment system. Additional steps are involved when installing commercial systems.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new block of land. If you are here then you are interested in installing a Waste Water Treatment System (WWTS), also called an Onsite Sewerage Treatment Plant (OSSTP) or a Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP).

The steps below will outline the process involved when insalling a STP. We usually manage this full process on our clients behalf, from the initial reports through to installation, commissioning and the ongoing servicing.

The first thing to be aware of is that an STP is made up of at least two components.

1. Treatment tank (There can be either one ot two of these. This is where the sewerage goes to be treated before dispersal)

2. Dispersion field (Once the water is treated, it is dispersed using either above ground or subsurface irrigation, or dispersed into trenches)

See below for a step by step guide to purchasing and installing a Waste Treatment System.

1. Firstly you will need to get a Waste Water Management Report (WWMR)

This report is required by your local Council and conducted by a qualified person, usually a Geo-technician. Your report will state what level of quality the system will need to treat to and what type and size the dipersion field will need to be, based on your location and the number of bedrooms in your dwelling.

2. Research and Choose your Waste Water Treatment System

Remember when getting quotes to make sure that all parties are supplying the same services.  It is easy to get caught with an "extras" bill after the install.  You will usually be required to produce your waste water management report (from step1) at this stage.

3. Book a Site Inspection

Most companies will need to do a site inspection before an accurate quote can be made.  They will ensure that the Waste Water Treatment System will fit your property, and will be aware of any special circumstances including the exact location of the tank and dispersion field.

4. Apply for a Permit with your Local Council to install the System

You will need to submit a Plumbing and Drainage Form 1 to Council, along with your Waste Water Management Report and a permit fee.

5. Supply Us with the Name of Your Builder, Plumber and Electrician.

We will then be able to liase with the appropriate people to ensure your Waste Water Treatment System installation is a smooth process.

6. Book Installation Day

If possible it is usually better to have your Waste Water Treatment System installed as the last step of the building timeframe.  This will protect the tank and dispersion area from being damaged from onsite vehicles or machinery.  Your installer will organise the compulsory inspection by Council for this day.

7. Book your Commission Date

Commission date is the day the system is turned on.  Your installer will inspect all components thoroughly to ensure the system and irrigation is in working order and ready for use.  This may be done on the same day as the installation, but just remember that most Waste Water Treatment System Warranties will start from the day of commissioning.

8. Sign up to a Service Agreement and Regular Servicing on your System

Your Waste Water Treatment System will require regular servicing by an accredited service technician, to be compliant with your local Council and to keep your system performing to its full potential.  Most systems require quarterly services, with each service report submitted to Council.

RPMenviro service inclusions -

  • Inspection of tank and filter
  • Pressure check and flush irrigation lines
  • Inspection and testing of all equipment and control components
  • Visual testing of final effluent quality and treatment
  • Inspection for any worn parts on the equipment
  • Preparation and submission of the service report to the owner and the local Authority/Council
  • Notification to the owner of any issues with their system requiring further work
  • Commercial STP Install

    Commercial STP Install

  • Digging Trench

    Digging Trench

  • Digging Trench Line

    Digging Trench Line

  • Electrical Box for STP

    Electrical Box for STP

  • End Result

    End Result

  • Excavation Work

    Excavation Work

  • Finalising STP

    Finalising STP

  • Finished Job

    Finished Job

  • Irrigation Field

    Irrigation Field

  • Preparing Site

    Preparing Site

  • Residential STP

    Residential STP

  • STP Install

    STP Install

  • Welding component

    Welding component


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