Wastewater Management

With a very diverse and efficient team at RPMenviro we deliver outstanding service and product.


RPMenviro specialise in the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of commercial Sewerage Treatment Plants.

There are no two installations the same.  Each time a client contacts RPMenviro their needs and requirements are accessed on an individual basis.  Care and attention is given to each client's call to ensure that they receive the correct information for their particular situation.

A system is considered commercial when it processes more than 4200 L/day or 21 EP (21 equivalent persons using the system). Our technicians design commercial sewerage treatment systems to service:

  • Hotel / Motels
  • Caravan Parks
  • Rural Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Vehicle Rest Areas

We provide the full complement of services for the client from the beginning approvals through to the appropriate authorities, right through to the ongoing maintenance the plant requires to keep the system operating at its optimum level.  Including:

  • Liaison with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to ensure the client is aware of all guidelines and regulations concerning the project
  • Design of the plant to best suit the customer's requirements
  • Installation of the plant with associated rising mains to council regulations and specification
  • Provide the required "As constructed" drawings to Council and client
  • Provide the client with on-site instructions on the plants operation
  • Service technicians available on call to give advice and back up
  • Fully qualified technicians to service and perform ongoing maintenance requirements

Many of our clients are situated in remote locations and environmentally sensitive areas, and due to the potential environmental impact, there are many regulations that must be adhered to when dealing with blackwater.

All commercial systems must be approved through DERM.  We work alongside the Department to ensure all regulations are adhered to.  We know the processes involved and guidelines to be followed when designing and building Sewerage Treatment Systems to keep the process as smooth as possible.

  • Commercial STP Install

    Commercial STP Install

  • Digging Trench

    Digging Trench

  • Digging Trench Line

    Digging Trench Line

  • Electrical Box for STP

    Electrical Box for STP

  • End Result

    End Result

  • Excavation Work

    Excavation Work

  • Finalising STP

    Finalising STP

  • Finished Job

    Finished Job

  • Irrigation Field

    Irrigation Field

  • Preparing Site

    Preparing Site

  • Residential STP

    Residential STP

  • STP Install

    STP Install

  • Welding component

    Welding component


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