Wastewater Management

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Grey Water Systems

Greywater is wastewater generated from bathroom sinks, laundries and baths, which can be re-cycled for use around the home or in the garden.

Some benefits of using greywater:

  • Re-use water you have already paid for
  • Less inflow into your sewerage treatment system or septic system
  • Lower freshwater use
  • Reclamation of otherwise wasted nutrients into your garden

Greywater Diversion

A grey water diverter can save up to 150,000L per year in an average houshold. Greywater diversion works by diverting greywater through a filtration devise connected to an underground drip irrigation system, using the soil to filter out contaminants and odours. Spray irrigation is not permitted due to contaminants in the water.

Greywater Treatment

Using a greywater treatment system, greywater can be treated on-site to remove the contaminants, restoring it to a quality suitable for re-using in the laundry or to flush toilets.

RPMenviro will sit with you to discuss your individual requirements, and find a solution best suited to your needs. Once we have installed your system we will stick with you along the way as you settle in, and if you choose, we will maintain the regular servicing of your system.

The technologies used by RPMenviro are favoured by councils all across Australia, and are approved in all states.

How much grey water do you make?

  • 1 person - 140L per day
  • 2 people - 280L per day
  • 3 people - 420L per day
  • 4 people - 560L per day
  • 5 people - 700L per day
  • 6 people - 840L per day
  • 7 people - 980L per day
  • 8 people - 1120L per day
  • 9 people - 1260L per day
  • 10 people - 1400L per day

Re-using greywater requires council approval, and there are restrictions on distances from watercourses. In the Cairns region, the minimum distance from a watercourse is 50m.

  • Commercial STP Install

    Commercial STP Install

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    Digging Trench

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    Digging Trench Line

  • Electrical Box for STP

    Electrical Box for STP

  • End Result

    End Result

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    Excavation Work

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    Finalising STP

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    Finished Job

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    Irrigation Field

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    Preparing Site

  • Residential STP

    Residential STP

  • STP Install

    STP Install

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    Welding component


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