Wastewater Management

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Bacterial Waste Solutions

Bacteria is a naturally occuring product that can be used to reduce bloackages in pipes and lines, breakdown waste, eliminate odours, reduce the frequency of grease trap evacuations (pump outs), greatly assist sewerage treatment plants and repair clogged septic trenches.

All products are made from specially selected and cultured natural bacteria, with the numbers and strains of bacteria varying depending upon the type of application. The success of the bacteria used by RPMenviro has come from a combination of using superior biological products combined with a vast bank of knowledge and expertise.

We have the solution to:

  • Eliminate odours and improve operation of sewerage treatment plants and commercial waste dumps
  • Eliminate odour causing bacteria and speed up breakdown of waste in sinks, drains, pipe work and grease traps for restaurants, food courts and commercial kitchens
  • Improve pump well operation and prevent blockages
  • Control industrial waste from factories
  • Control build up of algae in water and promote healthier fish and marine life. For use in aquafarming (aquaculture), prawn farming and fish farming
  • Ensure effective operation of both waterless and flushing urinals in men's toilets. Eliminates lingering unpleasant odours and proven to reduce flushing cycles to just twice per day
  • Break down dangerous and slippery grease and waste on tiled kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Break down mould in showers
  • Control odours and eliminate blockages in bathroom sinks and drains
  • Eliminate waste build up and odours in domestic rubbish bins

The Process:

14 different types of microbes have been specifically developed to break down various types of waste. The products have been prepared and branded to suit a particular type of waste management solution - but unique issues can be treated with modifications to ensure the right cross section of microbes are included in the end product. The microbes are naturally occuring, are non-toxic and will not harm humans or animals.

In Grease Traps

After adding the appropriate bacteria, the build-up in the grease trap will become soft and a reduction in oil will be noticed. The microbes will begin to degrade much of the waste, reducing the frequency of evacuation (pump out) required. We inject bacteria into many hotels and restaurants across North Queensland, including the Reef Casino and The Holiday Inn.

Case Study: Bacteria injected into the Cairns Base Hospital grease trap reduced the pump out frequency from every week, to every 12 weeks.

Elimination of Blockages

For most of our customers the biggest reason for initiating our program is as a form of preventative maintenance specifically to prevent organic blockages.

Case Study: Cairns Central Shopping Centre had a problem with their main line between the rising main and where it connected to the town sewerage. The main line was blocking up with increasing frequency from some form of organic growth. The pipe blocked up six months after it had been cleaned, then three months later, then down to six weeks, and finally it got down to having to be pumped out every nine days.

The trade waste officer for Cairns Water suggested that the shopping centre contact RPMenviro for a solution. We put in place a treatment program aimed at starving the growth from its food and oxygen supply by treating the two grease traps that fed the pipe. The pipe blocked up one more time about one month after we started the program, and that was the last time.

In Sewerage Treatment Plants

Many of our clients are located in remote areas and suburbs that are not connected to town sewerage, these clients use septic tanks or sewerage treatment systems. As well as the usual benefits of improved grease traps, less blockages and odour reduction, they have also experienced significantly improved results in their effluent tests. The naturally occuring bacteria help to break down contaminates in sewerage, improving its overall quality and creating a healthier ecosystem operating within the sewerage infrastructure.

Reduction of Smells

A significant benefit of using bacteria is the reduction in smells. Complaints about odours coming from the grease trap at Cairns Base Hospital used to dominate their complaints register. Following our program, the hospital no longer receives these complaints.

Case Study: The kitchen in Townsville's Wesley Hospital is very old and some drain pipes do not have s-bends, consequently bad odours have always been a big problem. By treating the kitchen once per week, the smell has been eliminated in the hospital.

In Water

RPMenviro can control the build up of algae in bodies of water, such as in aquafarms (aquaculture), prawn farms and fish farms. Using the appropriate bacteria, our clients are able to control the bacteria in the water to create a healthy ecosystem with healthier fish and marine life.

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