RPM International

RPM International

As we become a part of the solution to the problems of water and wastewater in many remote islands, villages, mine sites and other locations, we are very excited to see the changes that can come about in a community due to working sanitation and water systems.

The highlight of working overseas and in remote sites is working alongside the locals, experiencing their culture, their humour, and being a part of their community. Incorporating experienced locals in projects brings invaluable local knowledge to the job and smooths the entire process.

  • Control Box

    Control Box

  • Escavating the ground

    Escavating the ground

  • Installing waste system

    Installing waste system

  • Lihir Island Before

    Lihir Island Before

  • Lihir Island After

    Lihir Island After

  • Local Tradesman

    Local Tradesman

  • Open-cut mine

    Open-cut mine

  • Preparing for installation

    Preparing for installation

  • RPM Tech with Locals

    RPM Tech with Locals

  • Scenery


  • Unloading Waste System

    Unloading Waste System

  • Waste System Install

    Waste System Install


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